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If you need compelling copy to…

› Launch or relaunch a product or service to your list,

› Test against control copy to increase profits, or

› Boost backend sales in your marketing funnel

…and especially if your brand is in the Health & Wellness, Lifestyle or Personal Growth industries,

then you’re in the right place.

Hello, I'm Christy

Direct Response Copywriter & Marketing Consultant

I write copy for top brands in Health & Wellness, Lifestyle, and Personal Growth to boost engagement and increase revenues.


What I do

If you need compelling messaging to…

› Launch a new product or service
› Test against your control copy
› Boost backend sales in your funnel

…then you’re in the right place.

My work

I write compelling copy for some of the top brands in Health, Wellness, and Personal Development.

Learn more about who I work with and how I help them say it better.

Need help?

Have a project that needs some strong copy?

Is your marketing falling short and potentially costing you sales?

Where could it be refreshed with a new idea that engages your prospective clients?

Good marketing is simultaneously useful, informative and entertaining. It contains the right balance of educational content and actionable offer that creates real value for the reader.

I help businesses increase their revenue through compelling marketing: communicating the value of their products and services while providing valuable content to their audience.

These companies hired me to write winning copy…

(10X #1 NY Times bestselling Functional Medicine expert)

(World’s premier holistic wellness event)

(Nutritional supplements)

(Supplements by 3X NY Times bestselling women’s health pioneer)

(Nutritional supplements)

(Leading online health coaching school)

Hearst Magazines
In-house marketing agency for:

(International presence/story coach, NFL athlete, speaker, performer, author)

(Alisa Vitti, women’s hormonal health expert)

(Nutritional supplements)

(AWAI—premier copywriting educators)

(Retirement magazine & newsletters)

(Newsletter publisher)

(Methodology for teaching music to pre-schoolers)

Krisstina Wise + WellthyWealthy
(Financial & health expert)

(Social media business consultant)

(America’s first paleo TV show)

Amata Life by Dr. Christiane Northrup

Christy took on a project that needed to bridge the sometime conflicting issues of selling and being FDA compliant.

She did a masterful job in doing so, and in the process delivered compelling copy that sold.

Always respectful of our comments, she was thorough and efficient in interpreting our needs while keeping her eye on the goal, which was to sell product. Great job!

Joseph Gajda

Principal, Practical Decisions

Doubled Click Rates

Christy brought our email messaging to life. She helped us double our click rates, grow our open rates from roughly 15% to 21%, and played a key role in our revenue growth from email marketing. She has a gift in her ability to deeply understand consumer audiences and deliver a voice that is consistently on-brand, relevant and compelling.

Jason McCormick

Chief Marketing Officer, Alitura

Knowledgeable & Sharp Writer

Christy is great to work with. When we worked with her, we were starting to dive more into longer-form story-telling and sales copy, and needed someone to help us get started down that path.

If that’s also you, Christy is who you need to be working with.

She helped lead the email and web copy for several new product launches of ours, including two of our top-performing product launches ever which was awesome!

She delivered copy that was persuasive and it was clear she had done her research on not only our product, but also our audience.

Jon Sander

Senior Director of Product Marketing, HumanN

Improved Results

Christy is skilled at delivering the big idea to different customer segments, creating engaging content that converts and moves leads down the funnel.

Through extensive email split testing, she analyzed and applied what worked to improve response rates—instrumental in increasing revenue and enrollments.

Amy Hess

Former Marketing Director, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

A Unique Talent

With too many copywriters caring about “cute” over context, Christy is a unique talent.

She combines REAL marketing savvy with a sensitivity to client tone AND magazine context. Delivering branded content that is brand-right, informative and entertaining.

Jason McKee

Executive Creative Director, Hearst Magazines

Excellent Writer and Strategic Thinker

I was Christy’s editor at HNW for nearly three years, during which time she handled range of marketing communications projects for top wealth management firms and charitable organizations.

In addition to being an excellent writer and editor, Christy is a strategic thinker and creative problem solver who garners the respect of her clients and colleagues. She is a pleasure to work with and a valuable member of any team.

Lynn Sherman

VP Editorial Services, HNW

Creative Thinker

Christy is a creative thinker who knows how to write an engaging promotion around a big idea.

Her process is clear. She listens well and is receptive to feedback—an overall a pleasant experience.

Hire her now if she still has room in her schedule.

Adrian Newman

President, Lombardi Publishing

Creative and Resourceful

I’ve worked with Christy for several years and it has been quite a pleasure. Being on the creative side, it has been great to collaborate with her from response driven headlines to complete content development on marketing collateral.

She is knowledgeable in many areas and has been a great resourceful team member when developing new creative material.

She brings an upbeat attitude and a willingness to do whatever it takes to make sure your project is successful.

Tom Schmitt

Creative Director, DeSola Group


Christy is diligent, knowledgeable and dependable, an outstanding resource.

Working with her offers great results and right on time.

Peter J. Blank

Chief Creative Officer, FT Search

Trusted Resource

Hiring Christy was a no-brainer after learning about her results. She carefully listens to my goals and then crafts copy to help me achieve them.

It’s a far cry from cookie-cutter copywriters who have simply plugged my message into a template with little effort.

That’s NOT what you get with Christy, and why it makes it so easy for me to refer her to clients and friends.

Mara Glazer

Business Consultant, Founder, The Bizzy Buzz and BizCon Live

Incredible Work

My business partner, at the time, and I hired Christy to write and edit the content on our website.

I had known Christy from our Toastmasters group and had been impressed with her leadership skills, her intelligence, creativity and her professionalism. She is a joy to work with and to know.

Christy did an incredible job: understanding our business and marketing our brand. If you need a copywriter for your marketing materials, hire Christy.

Susan Goldberg

Recruiter and Retention Specialist, Susan Goldberg Executive Search Consulting

Smart and Efficient

I love to write but have a hard time sitting down to do it. Christy makes it seem so easy. She is friendly and smart and efficient, and turns things around quickly.

I recommend her if you want someone to help you get over writers block, or if you want help writing articles, blog posts, or longer articles. She is really a joy to work with!

Joy Rosenthal

Family Lawyer, Rosenthal Law & Mediation

Smart Collaborator

Christy was one of my editors at HNW. We worked together on a wide variety of assignments, and she was a great editor who did an excellent job helping to plot out articles and make them as good as they could be.

She also was a pleasure to work with every time–very nice, smart, collaborative and full of good ideas.

Mark Klimek

Freelance Writer, Mark Klimek

Consistent, Effective Storytelling

I needed copy for my new website, and I was having trouble getting my thoughts organized and focused. Christy’s copywriting method worked really well. It’s easy and fun to work with her.

From the first conversation, her guidance and advice inspired confidence. And the copy was in my voice, consistent with the tone and culture of my company. It saved me time, money and headaches, and the project was complete!

Lenny Sass

President, Rainbow Movers NY


Direct Response


MANY BUSINESSES THAT RELY ON REFERRALS and word-of-mouth marketing neglect to market themselves online. Some wait for years to put up a website. While they can build a thriving business this way, they are missing out on being discovered by those people seeing their services.

And, they don’t get the benefit of pre-selling their services by having a place where prospects can learn about them before they work together. Through my proprietary Value to Voice marketing process, I help service professionals get their message out clearly and compellingly online. Click on the images to see examples of websites I have messaged:

Magazine Advertorials


Whether you need a refreshed promotion to boost sales, or a complete overhaul of your marketing, I am your brand advocate as your strategic copywriter and marketing consultant.


The first step in any engagement is for me to listen deeply to what my client wants—not just in what they say, but how they say it, and what they don’t say. I look at the materials they already have and apply what I know about my specialization to deliver what they need.

Big idea

While different media channels require different copy solutions, the principles of good marketing remain the same—one big idea that provides value, and one solid offer delivered to one specific audience.


My background spans from journalism to web project management to corporate marketing communications and online marketing. I understand how content and copy build upon each other, and that using both creates a stronger foundation.


The best way to know if your marketing is working is to track, test and refine it. I use my direct response training and online marketing experience to help businesses set up metrics and use variations to determine what’s working.

Menu of Services

Every copywriting project is different, and pricing varies depending on how complex the project is. I typically work on a flat-fee project basis. I can also create custom packages and retainer agreements upon request.

Long Form Sales Copy

  • Direct mail promotion
  • Online sales page or video sales letter


  • Sales emails
  • Autoreponder email series (nurturing content)

Direct Response Website Copy

  • Opt-in landing page
  • Home page
  • About, FAQ, or Info pages
  • Subscription page

Advertisements & Advertorials

  • PPC ads
  • Print ads
  • Advertorials

    Retainers & Packages

    For ongoing marketing needs, I offer the following monthly retainer agreements and packages:

    › Marketing Funnel Copy Architect

    Build a better relationship with your list with lead nurturing that engages and makes them feel welcome. I can design a new funnel or fix a leaky funnel.

    It can include: messaging and strategy review; funnel architecture audit; writing new sales copy or revising existing copy—opt-in pages, email autoresponders, sales pages; A/B split testing; and performance review and adjustment.

    › Copy Chief

    Boost conversions and sales with copy revisions and testing.

    The Copy Chief can include: Communications and response rate analysis; headline, summary and call-to-action improvement; line editing and commenting; writing A/B split tests; and mentoring writers to improve voice and style of your communications.

    › Brand Messaging Strategy

    Get clarity on your messaging strategy so you know who you’re targeting.

    The Brand Messaging Strategy can include: guided brand session; brand assessment and interviews; competitive landscape analysis; key messaging platform: empathy map, mission, vision, and core values.

    To learn more about what I can do for you, please get in touch through my contact form.

    About Christy Goldfeder Ingkavet

    If you’re looking for a refreshed, creative approach to your marketing, you’ve come to the right place.

    And you’re especially in the right place if your business is one that’s in a crowded market with skeptical buyers, such as alternative health, self-improvement, personal growth or lifestyle.

    Through a combination of brand immersion, detailed research, and good storytelling, I help my clients refine their marketing so that they stand out in the crowd and attract more ideal clients and loyal fans. With my direct response copywriting background, I know how to weave the story around one big idea that leads to the clear and obvious call to action.

    Some of my recent successes have included campaigns to help launch a diet book into the NY Times Bestseller list; successfully launching three women’s hormonal health programs; boosting enrollments at the world’s largest online nutrition school; and writing a winning promo for a hormone balancing cream.

    I am a Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist. I help businesses build better marketing funnels (or fix funnel leaks) so that their leads are nurtured into eager buyers and enthusiastic fans.

    I am also a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist. I partner with traffic managers to refine the acquisition strategy and lead nurturing process to help business improve their lead quality.

    Before starting my own copywriting and marketing consultancy, I managed multiple marketing projects and a team of outsourced writers at an agency, and I built and managed an in-house writing team at a high-growth organization.

    I started direct response copywriting before I even knew what it was. At The Wall Street Journal’s online edition, I edited wire copy and wrote headlines to get more clicks. And after crafting hundreds of headlines to fit in 6 inches of space or less, I learned the value of saying it clearly and concisely.

    Speaking and Accolades


    Customer Value Optimization SpecialistCertified Customer Value Optimization Specialist – Digital Marketer

    Customer Acquisition Specialist

    Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist – Digital Marketer

    • Certified Health Coach – Institute for Integrative Nutrition



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